Wednesday, October 28, 2015

20. Pioneers for the world

Some people claim that anything that can be imagined, can come true.

Imagine the following:


If you know of a place near where you live that is a worth-while tourist attraction site, but there are no facilities and roads or trails getting there. The reason why these gems are missing roads and trails leading to them is probably because the roads and trails would cost too much to build and are thus deemed to be not profitable in the short term.

Here is where we come in to help you.

We are a group of hardworking lumberjacks, road builders, trail blazers, carpenters and mechanics. We are self sufficient and provide our own support personnel. We are Swiss trained and selected, and are proud of our Swiss quality, productivity and innovation.

We will build without any wages and we will use local natural resources like stone and lumber. We build trails, roads, wharfs, camping sites, cabins, and tourist facilities.

BUT there is a catch.

We are not slave labor. We are pioneers who expect in the pioneering spirit to be left free to be owners of our labor and to be given a chance to become productive and taxpaying citizens.

"Just like pioneers before us, we will work like slaves if we can be free."

Now back to reality.

The world is watching and demanding a humane treatment for refugees. 

Hopefully newly elected politicians who still believe they can make a difference in changing and improving the current situation will come up with an immediate dignified solution to this ever growing problem we are all facing.

Hopefully the politicians will soon fund a university studies program to evaluate the feasibility of setting up a pilot pioneer settlement.
If you know of a place near where you live that is a worthwile site to see, but there are no roads or trails getting there, please use the comments possibilities to describe them.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

19. Pioneers for Russia

Canadian and Swiss politicians are not ready to share their freedom with the people that many claim they helped to a great extent to be robbed of freedom. How about Russian politicians? 
Russia, like Canada has vast amounts of unsettled lands that are rich in natural resources. It is, like Canada, an ideal place for refugees to find a dignified and productive life for themselves and for their children as pioneers.

The proposal to start a pilot pioneer settlement in Canada with the help of the Swiss government was and continues to be almost totally ignored by Canadian and Swiss politicians, and by everyone else I sent it to. After half a year of no response, I am now attempting to reach the Russian politicians.

Below is my letter to Russian Embassies and consulates in Canada and Switzerland.

To whom it may concern
I am a dual citizen of Switzerland and Canada and I have tried to promote a proposal for a humane, dignified  and immediate solution to the current refugee problem that affects the entire world. My proposal is to help refugees to help themselves. The main idea was to use unsettled land and to settle it with refugees and to help the refugees pioneer and develop the land. As Canada has a vast amount of unsettled lands, it is ideal for my proposal. I contacted Swiss and Canadian politicians and introduced the proposal to them, which is described in the blog found at:

I asked the politicians to consider my proposal and if they found any merit in it, to help me promote it for implementation.  After half a year of trying and not getting any meaningful feedback, I am realizing that I must look elsewhere.

Russia is very similar to Canada as it also has a vast amount of unsettled land rich with natural resources in need of development. It is also an ideal land for my proposal. 
Having failed in my call to action to the Canadian politicians, I would like to persevere and  continue my quest. In this light and with this hope, I would now like to ask the Russian politicians to consider my proposal and if they find merit in it to help me promote it for implementation.
As I am not a Russian citizen, I cannot approach them directly, so I am approaching Russian embassies and consulates and asking them to help me reach Russian politicians. I humbly ask you to send this letter to the appropriate people or to provide me with appropriate contact addresses.
Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated.  
Kind regards
Andrew Vecsey

It is my hope that the recently acquired freedom  of the Russian people is still fresh enough to be appreciated, cherished, and shared.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

18. Win-win outcome

The only immediate solution presently offered to refugees by western governments is to save a few from their sinking rafts and offer them temporary shelter.

This proposal - to help refugees help themselves by offering them a long-term dignified solution to their hopeless and desperate situation - claims to be a win win situation for all. The only losers are the brutal dictators who will lose their most capable citizens who risk their lives to flee, and the big-businesses that will lose the dictators that allow them freedom to exploit their citizens and their land.
The long-term solution proposed in this blog is to offer refugees the opportunity to be pioneers and start a new dignified free life for themselves and their families.

Switzerland is to provide management, training and transportation to  settlements in Canada. Switzerland will benefit by reducing the number of refugees it commits to enter and support.  The Swiss citizens will benefit by having cheap labor during the training period.

Canada is to provide land for the settlements and laws for the homesteading. Canada will benefit by having cheap labor to open up the north for tourists. The local northern Canadians will benefit by the increase in the tourist industry, and the tourists will benefit by newly developed infrastructure built by the refugees. 

The refugees are to be guaranteed the rights of pioneers to be free owners of the results of their labors. They will eventually turn into productive free citizens. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

17. Proposed training for pioneers


Switzerland can not only select the refugees with the right skill sets to start a pilot pioneer community, but train refugees for the right skill sets they will need as pioneers to be successful.

In order for the pilot pioneer settlement to be successful, the refugees that want to become pioneers have to be trained. The refugees selected to partake in the pilot pioneer settlement are carefully selected according to the skills they already have. Much of the training is done “on the job” at the communal center and on the homestead by “doing and learning” with the guidance of pioneers and volunteers who are ready to share their skills. The local native Indians teach the pioneers how to fish, hunt, and use the locally available plants and herbs. Canadian businessmen teach the pioneers how to manage their communal cooperative settlement. Volunteers, in the spirit of “peace corps”,offer their services as teachers for other needed skills as required.  The more trained the refugees are, the more chance they have of becoming successful pioneers.

Canada and Switzerland have a great deal in common, despite their superficial glaring differences.  Both countries have a history of having successful immigrants. It is no wonder that both countries are regarded and respected by the international community as being tolerant, generous, and trustworthy. Both countries share similar geographies, despite Switzerland being about 240 times smaller than Canada. This makes it perhaps the best country to train the refugees for life as pioneers in Canada.

Switzerland has a long and a high reputation for training children of the world`s elite in exclusive private schools. Switzerland has maintained, into the present, the time proven system of apprenticeship programs to train their citizens. It is proposed that Switzerland promotes and subsidizes their apprenticeship programs to train refugees for the following skills they would need to succeed as pioneers in Canada:
  • Farming
  • Mechanics
  • Healthcare providers
  • Cheese making
  • Chocolate making
  • Constructing trails
  • Making roads
  • Making campgrounds
  • Felling trees (lumberjacks)
  •  Lumberyard working
  • Building houses (Swiss Chalets)
  • Gravel and stone workers
  • Tourism industry
  • Setting up and running apprenticeship programs
Once there are a sufficient number of skilled pioneers, the pioneers can take over the job of training any newcomers that need to be trained.

Canada and Switzerland despite their obvious differences have a lot in common. They can work together to provide a dignified solution to many refugees.